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Sebastian Geller

Digital Architect

A digital architect is a modern business and technology architect that is driven by customer experience to utilize technology to transform business, increase revenue and profitability and improve the competitive position of a business. Digital and quantum architects focus on the synergy and cross discipline integration of the following disciplines: (1) Customer Experience ; (2) cloud , webscale , iot; (3) Data Science including analytics ; (4) business, application, information , technology and Security Architecture ; (5) artificial intelligence, cognitive science, neuroscience, robotics and artificial creativity; (6) traditional science and mathematics including physics , quantum physics, chemistry and biology; and (7) digital 3D printing and nano-manufacturing (source of definition: Gary Trenchard).

Architecture Proposal: Maintenance Schedule Advisory

on-prem Data Science Security Architecture api information physics

For a client in the oil and gas industry, proposed an architecture to programmatically optimize the operational maintenance schedule. Multiple concurrent users would have been able to optimize schedules with their own parameters. Each schedule consists of at least a thousand data points.

Architecture Proposal: Predictive Analytics Systems

on-prem Data Science Security Architecture api information

For a client in the oil and gas industry, who wanted to reduce drilling outages, proposed a predictive analytics system which utilizes machine learning on near real-time sensorial well and bore data to predict the probability of various outage scenarios. The architecture tied heavily into the existing on-prem infrastructure.

Architecture Proposal: Parcel Management

api cloud Data Science Security Architecture

For, proposed an architecture for a new parcel management system which integrates into the existing EDI solution.

  • Handling thousands of parcels per day
  • Parcel routing based on machine learning
  • Secure long-term document storage

Architecture Proposal: In-Store Sales Recommendation Engine

Customer Experience on-prem Security Architecture Data Science information

For the client, a retail chain selling luxury items, proposed an end-to-end sales recommendation engine. To boost retail sales, the architecture was designed to handle near real-time recommendations to retail salespersons. For business analysts the platform provided insights into behavioural sales and customer data.

Oath One Adserver Data Platform GDPR Compliance

cloud gdpr information analytics webscale

Designed the Oath One Adserver Data platform GDPR compliance. Lead a team of engineers to ensure platform was compliant very well before GDPR came into effect.